Kay has always been passionate about the power of food – from the way we interact with it through sensory experiences to the way it empowers our bodies to its ability to connect people. During her time in college, Kay founded and ran her own healthy food truck with a mission to cultivate a wellness hub.



Zoe grew up in Hong Kong where 90% of the produce is imported and rarely tasted good. It wasn’t until she moved to the Bay Area that she both fell in love with the quality and variety of fruits and vegetables and learned firsthand how much good food was wasted, and was outraged that so much delicious edible produce was being thrown into landfills.

Zonky Compostable

Zonky Compostable

This revelation spurred her to develop a model to tackle this issue in a sustainable and scalable way. Once Zoe and Kay met they quickly saw the potential for a partnership that would seek to elevate Revive Foods to the next level.






It’s all about food in Milano.  How will we feed the planet?

The USA Pavilion features American classics from all over America during the course of Expo 2015.  This year it’s Food Truck Nation and they’re using compostable food containers and our compostable labels.


World Expo 2015 Milan, Italy

Compostable Labels for use with compostable packagingPlan your Trip to Expo 2015

Our friends at In Home Pet Services taking care of all pets with these dissolvable label stickers.  They’re not as tasty as a steak but they are non-toxic and FDA Approved should your favorite dog or cat decide to munch on one of these labels.

Dissolvable labels - just add a solid 20 second stream of water

Dissolvable labels – just add about 20 second stream of water

Dissolvable labels - just add a solid 20 second stream of water

Dissolvable labels – just add about 20 second stream of water



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The Green Ninja Team takes on climate, one pedal at a time.

The Green Ninja Project is excited to be a part of this year’s California Climate Ride as a team and beneficiary. The California Climate Ride is a 320-mile cycling charity tour that begins in Eureka and ends in San Francisco with an overall goal of raising awareness about climate change and supporting environmental non-profit organizations.

Taking on Climate Change with their Bikes Taking on Climate Change with their Bikes
The Green Ninja Project is a non profit organization at San Jose State University (SJSU) created to inform the upcoming generation on climate change and inspire them to take action. The organization combines collaborative effort joining scientists, educators, and artists to develop compelling experiences through film and social action that help students understand the connections between human activity and our changing climate.11164631_905118832868046_3758996245224942488_n Green Ninjaettes

Help support these four students from SJSU who are riding for climate change on behalf of the Green Ninja Project. Support them by clicking here to view their Indiegogo campaign. Every donation comes with a sticker printed by Plan It Green Printing!

Do you believe in doing the right thing?  Do you believe those who do well prosper and sleep well at night?  Rewards come to those who care and  those who practice that philosophy in everything they do.

Tea beyond any other tea you’ve ever had.

The star of this is not the compostable clear wrap or label, it's that unbelievably good brownie!

The Labels and clear wrap are compostable.


It’s the whole package – interior, exterior, all  of you.  You care about what goes in and what goes on.  It’s all linked together from eating well to making you feel good about yourself, your life and your future.


Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

Take care of the outside Sprays

s Take care of the outside Sprays

Compostability programs in Seattle and San Francisco require compostable containers. These plant-made compostable label stickers are the perfect solution for labeling and branding.

Compostable containers deserve a compostable sticker.

Thank you for the pictures, Chico Coop, New Belgium Brewery and Cal Dining.

Please shop Chico Coop.

Get a New Belgium Brewery Beer

Berkeley composting program at Cal Dining

Colorado State University @ Fort Collins using dissolvable labels for their composting program. Food services choose dissolvable labels for their food labeling.

Dissolvable Sticker Labels

Lory Student Center Catering Dissolvable Label Stickers

Uncoated labels allow you to write on the label itself.  Little River Roasting Coffee Company biodegradable packaging

uncoated paper labels.

uncoated paper labels.


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