For Evangeline Lilly’s first limited edition printing of her book, The Squickerwonkers, it was very important to print it with the earth in mind. Evangeline’s concern for the planet and desire for earth-friendly printing brought her to Plan It Green Printing. The paper had to be 100% post-consumer waste, Ancient Forest Friendly-Free certified by Canopy Planet, manufactured in the USA and printed with soy-based inks.

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I’ve been printing stickers on an uncoated sticker stock composed of bamboo, bagasse and cotton-linters.  A tree-free sticker stock.  It’s really cool stuff and I’ve printed it for a bunch of companies who put it on their soaps, candles, use it for shipping/mailing labels, branding, you get the idea.  I love this stuff – it’s uncoated, so it absorbs ink in a natural, somewhat uncontrollable manner and the registration when using two or more colors isn’t perfect. It has a raw and natural look to it.

This stock is manufactured or converted by Fasson which is a subsidiary or some derivative of  Avery-Dennison.

I call up Fasson/Avery-Dennison and ask them to tell me where and how the tree-free stock is manufactured.  A wonderfully pleasant person tells me that unfortunately the country where the tree-free stock is manufactured is proprietary information and cannot be disclosed.  HUH???  ”Can you, uh… narrow it down to a hemisphere, would that be possible to tell me which hemisphere the stock comes from?” I ask.  ”No.  That is not possible.  But I can tell you the stock is sustainablymanufactured” he tells me.  Well, I guess that’s something.  ”Do you have a white sheet, ASTM or some type of proof backing up that claim?”  I ask.  ”Sure, I’ll send it over to you.”   Over a year and I’m still waiting for that white sheet.

SO, on one hand, the stock is made from sources other than trees – sounds good to me – on the other hand we’re not sure where it’s coming from or how it’s made.

Do you see the problem?

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Like to acknowledge the Print & Production Finishes for Sustainable Design by Edward Denison published by Rotovision 2009

Plan It Green Printing has many printed jobs in this book!
“Design, first and foremost, is concerned with solving problems, but from where we currently stand, at the beginning of a new millennium, we survey a landscape strewn with the detritus of outmoded human practices, aided by or facilitated through design, that have had a catastrophic effect on the world’s ecosystems.”

Edward Denison has written a beautiful book featuring ‘green’ printed media/packaging from around the world.  I’m thrilled Plan It Green Printing is featured in this book!

Seven of our jobs/clients have beautiful spreads in this green print resource book.

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