Clear ASTM Certified compostable labels.  We used to sell this stock years ago.  It became difficult to obtain and that was that.  Time changes everything and now we’re offering them again.

Made from EarthFirstPLA in the USA from plants, primarily cornstalk.

Clear Compostable Labels

Clear plant stickers made from plants, primarily cornstalk for Raw Earth

ASTM Certified Compostable

ASTM Certified Compostable

Compostability programs in Seattle and San Francisco require compostable containers. These plant-made compostable label stickers are the perfect solution for labeling and branding.

Compostable containers deserve a compostable sticker.

Thank you for the pictures, Chico Coop, New Belgium Brewery and Cal Dining.

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Berkeley composting program at Cal Dining

Whole Foods Magazine Interview of Plan It Green Printing. October 2014

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While many may have a general idea of the benefits of sustainable product labels, it is important to be fully informed, particularly if they are on the edge of making the switch.  If you’d like to read the entire article the link is above.



Most stickers are not recycled. That beautiful yellow ‘Don’t be a Tosser!” sticker is made from plants. All those stickers will eventually fall off that rail and biodegrade on the ground. The plastic stickers will biodegrade into small polymers that are an environmental nightmare. The plant based sticker may take a long time to biodegrade, but when it does, it will compost. All those plastic stickers will not compost. They’ll biodegrade, but they won’t compost.

earthfriendly stickers

Our compostable sticker made from plants

SnowRider Foundation understands why plant stickers are better than plastic stickers

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Printing on a clear compostable label made from plants, primarily corn stalks, for the Forsyth Country Day School

Clear compostable stickers

Clear compostable stickers

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