Frankly,  we hate those irritating little stickers on fruit and vegetables.  They are a pain to remove and exactly what is that sticky adhesive residue remaining on the fruit/vegetable when the label is removed?

Is it an acrylic-emulsion adhesive?  We fear that it is and we DON’T WANT TO EAT IT.  That can’t be good for your body.

What about a label made from wood cellulose with a plant-starch adhesive?   And to remove it you simply put it under water, rub and it dissolves completely with no sticky residue.

Easy to remove.  No sticky residue.  Sustainable.  Not plastic.


Vegetable and Fruit Labels that are not made from plastic

No more sticky sticker residue! Dissolvable fruit and vegetable labels.


It’s a party.
All those names.
The beer flows.
So let’s write our names on tags.
And should they fall into the snow they’ll just dissolve away. Without the toxic waste nightmares.

Just add liquid and watch them dissolve away.

Just add liquid and watch them dissolve away.

Brilliant.  Making seed blocks for wildlife to eat.  As the animals and birds roam through burned forest and remote areas, their seeds are, uh, ‘deposited’ where the native species will grow in burned pine forests and remote areas.

The dissolvable labels are simply made from wood pulp.

Check out the article in the Nebraska Journal Star 


Nebraska Parks & Game Dissolvable Labels for Seed Blocks


Nebraska Game & Parks Dissolvable


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