Creating a sustainable world from the core is what makes us tick.

At Glow Naturals, we have chosen the highest quality organic and GMO-Free ingredients paired with sustainable and recyclable packaging to give you the purest skincare line possible.

Glow Naturals was born out of a societal regime, pushing through the muck of mass produced skincare products that are not only bad for your skin, but bad for your overall health and also the well-being of our planet.
My name is Chayilah Oldham. I have spent the last 10 years on a roller-coaster journey down the path of healing and of a healthy lifestyle, gleaning information as quickly as it can come. I choose to dig deep inside every label, every ingredient, questioning it’s availability in my life.
Working in the “natural” skincare industry I was shocked at the ingredients people were o.k. with putting on their skin. I wanted a product that had as few quality ingredients as possible, no animals or animal cruelty involved, and something that would actually work. No distributor fit my bill.
I was raised in the back country of  Missouri. Surrounded by beautiful wildlife and the freedom to roam about; taking afternoon dips in the creek, drying out on the limestone flat rocks close beside. Playing with our horses, my dog and a few chickens, created a great appreciation for the purity of nature. I have taken this appreciation across all aspects of my life, comparing and contrasting. What doesn’t fit in nature, doesn’t need to fit into my life. This is why simple and effective ingredients have been chosen.
Now for the method to the madness. Using soap on the skin strips vital oils and creates an imbalance of sebum production. Sebum is the oil our body produces that is excreted out the skin as it’s protectant. By using an oil-cleansing method, it allows the old facial oils to be pulled off and replaced with the new cleansing oil paired with healing and restorative essential oils. Now that the body isn’t in shock due to the oils being stripped, the sebum production will regulate. This method is beneficial to both oily as well as dry skin types. We have paired a silky oil with the cleansing, restorative and healing properties of  Helichrysum, Lemongrass, Roman Chamomile and Rose Geranium essential oils. Every product is a proprietary blend as to benefit not only the appearance of the skin, but used as aromatherapy to create a serene sense of  pleasure with every wash 🙂 .


I have created this skincare line with the hope of spreading awareness about how important sustainability is to our future generations. So they can thrive in a world of utmost purity.
Let us come together and create a clean and peaceful world.


The labels printed for Glow Naturals are made from plants, primarily corn grown in the mid-west, manufactured in the USA and European Certified Compostable.  If you’d like to see these or other types of compostable stickers check out our sister site:



The labels are made from corn grown and manufactured in the mid-west of the USA.  The EarthFirstPLA stock is European Certified Compostable.  Think about your packaging, is it recyclable or compostable?  If it’s compostable, these labels are a perfect fit.





The Hamptons scene is such a blast:  beautiful environs, lot’s of fashionably dressed hipsters, great food and then there is that ocean.  The island(s) overflow with people during the weekend and summer and then life returns to normal for the locals during the rest (for the most part) of the year.

The issue is all those people leaving after their weekend fling leave the remnants  of their frolic and fun behind.  The locals are left with the clean-up.

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Green bumper sticker

Compostable bumpersticker


Clear ASTM Certified compostable labels.  We used to sell this stock years ago.  It became difficult to obtain and that was that.  Time changes everything and now we’re offering them again.

Made from EarthFirstPLA in the USA from plants, primarily cornstalk.

Clear Compostable Labels

Clear plant stickers made from plants, primarily cornstalk for Raw Earth

ASTM Certified Compostable

ASTM Certified Compostable

Waves Not Plastic carrying their message to the world:


Compost these!

Made from plants not plastic



Our mission at Waves Not Plastic is to bring awareness to plastic pollution through passion!  This organization has been established for ocean enthusiasts like you to make a difference in communities around the world.  We strive to clean up our oceans and change the tide on how our world refuses, reuses, reduces, and recycles.  Make the pledge and refuse single-use plastic. Do what you love, take care of the environment and make a difference!

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We’re happy to print compostable labels made from plants not plastic for 5 Gyres.

The following is from the 5 Gyres website.  Please support them!

Most of the things we buy use disposable plastic:

“… packaging, cosmetics, straws- even fishing nets. Many plastics are designed to be used only once, leading to our landfills and beaches being awash in these single-use plastic.

We currently recover only 5-10% of the plastics we produce.

50% are buried in landfills and some are remade into durable goods, but much of it washes out to sea.”

5 Gyres uses a label made from plants

5 Gyres uses a label made from plants

Fish, turtles and even whales eat plastic objects, which can sicken or kill them. Ocean animals are also killed by dangerous plastic waste that entangles or traps them, often suffocating them underwater.

Small ocean animals, like fish, ingest tiny plastic particles. These toxic particles pass on to us when we eat seafood.

Hundreds of ocean species are threatened by plastic pollution, as well as the survival of the ocean itself. Humans depend on the ocean for food and as a healthy ecosystem that maintains the balance of the greenhouse gas CO2. …

Scientists agree: If the oceans die, we die.

Support 5 Gyres!

made from compostable stock for 5 gyres

made from compostable stock for 5 gyres

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It’s all about food in Milano.  How will we feed the planet?

The USA Pavilion features American classics from all over America during the course of Expo 2015.  This year it’s Food Truck Nation and they’re using compostable food containers and our compostable labels.


World Expo 2015 Milan, Italy

Compostable Labels for use with compostable packagingPlan your Trip to Expo 2015

The Green Ninja Team takes on climate, one pedal at a time.

The Green Ninja Project is excited to be a part of this year’s California Climate Ride as a team and beneficiary. The California Climate Ride is a 320-mile cycling charity tour that begins in Eureka and ends in San Francisco with an overall goal of raising awareness about climate change and supporting environmental non-profit organizations.

Taking on Climate Change with their Bikes Taking on Climate Change with their Bikes
The Green Ninja Project is a non profit organization at San Jose State University (SJSU) created to inform the upcoming generation on climate change and inspire them to take action. The organization combines collaborative effort joining scientists, educators, and artists to develop compelling experiences through film and social action that help students understand the connections between human activity and our changing climate.11164631_905118832868046_3758996245224942488_n Green Ninjaettes

Help support these four students from SJSU who are riding for climate change on behalf of the Green Ninja Project. Support them by clicking here to view their Indiegogo campaign. Every donation comes with a sticker printed by Plan It Green Printing!

Do you believe in doing the right thing?  Do you believe those who do well prosper and sleep well at night?  Rewards come to those who care and  those who practice that philosophy in everything they do.

Tea beyond any other tea you’ve ever had.

The star of this is not the compostable clear wrap or label, it's that unbelievably good brownie!

The Labels and clear wrap are compostable.


It’s the whole package – interior, exterior, all  of you.  You care about what goes in and what goes on.  It’s all linked together from eating well to making you feel good about yourself, your life and your future.


Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

Take care of the outside Sprays

s Take care of the outside Sprays

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