The labels are made from corn grown and manufactured in the mid-west of the USA.  The EarthFirstPLA stock is European Certified Compostable.  Think about your packaging, is it recyclable or compostable?  If it’s compostable, these labels are a perfect fit.





The Hamptons scene is such a blast:  beautiful environs, lot’s of fashionably dressed hipsters, great food and then there is that ocean.  The island(s) overflow with people during the weekend and summer and then life returns to normal for the locals during the rest (for the most part) of the year.

The issue is all those people leaving after their weekend fling leave the remnants  of their frolic and fun behind.  The locals are left with the clean-up.

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Green bumper sticker

Compostable bumpersticker


Compostability programs in Seattle and San Francisco require compostable containers. These plant-made compostable label stickers are the perfect solution for labeling and branding.

Compostable containers deserve a compostable sticker.

Thank you for the pictures, Chico Coop, New Belgium Brewery and Cal Dining.

Please shop Chico Coop.

Get a New Belgium Brewery Beer

Berkeley composting program at Cal Dining

Check out Goodlums for more of their cool dissolvable labels.  They are made from wood cellulose have a plant starch adhesive and are FSC Certified.

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We think it’s a great when a world-class Ristorante puts as much care and thought into their packaging as they take with their food. Kraft bags, biodegradable and compostable labels. Simple, elegant and a prelude of what’s to come when the eating begins.


Biodegradable and compostable labels

Heal the Bay has been a force for good:  Clean Water, a clean Santa Monica Bay, it’s environs and watersheds.  Since 1985 they’ve been there for the people of Santa Monica,  Los Angeles, Southern California and a model for citizen activists around the world.    The sticker labels are made from plants, primarily corn stalks.    Think about it:  Most plastic does not get recycled, would you rather have a plastic sticker lying on the road or a sticker made from plants?  The plant sticker will eventually compost while the plastic sticker will eventually breakdown and become a toxic nightmare.   Doing the right thing isn’t always easy  but in the long term, it’s better for all of us.

Heal The Bay Compostable Stickers 082913

healthesouthbaysticker2 HealtheSouthBaysticker

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It’s a pleasure printing for a company that ‘Gets It’. Synergy Organic Clothing could print their labels on plastic, but they understand how toxic plastic can be when it isn’t recycled and the vast majority of plastic is not recycled. Their concern for the environment and sustainability proves a company can thrive while doing the ‘right thing’.  The blue and white compostable stickers are made from plants, primarily corn stalks.  The brown sticker is simply a kraft paper.

Stickers printed on compostable and kraft stock

Stickers printed on compostable and kraft stock

Printed For 2013 Jazz Reggae Festival at UCLA.   Get your Irie on!

plant labels made from corn-stalks

plant labels made from corn-stalks

corn stickers

compostable and made from plants

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