The US business community needs to get active in addressing climate change – needs to lead in protecting the environment.

Given the current weakness in our federal government – the now obvious fact that the system is failing the majority – it’s time for US businesses to get out in front.
And get a lot louder.

Plan It Green Printing is getting loud.

You’ll be hearing from us on a broad range of things from overturning Citizens United to promoting a ban on micro-beads. We will be a voice for awareness, action and yes, even activism on behalf of our shared home, planet earth.

This might not seem core to what we do, but it is deeply aligned with our core values and mission to be a force for good for the planet.

We are grateful to have this platform, and the opportunity to speak.

We are grateful to those who have worked with us, since 2003.
Companies like Green Heart Foods, NYU Langone Medical Center and Seattle Museum of Pop Culture, among many others – who have taken the planet into account when choosing print solutions.

Green Printing is what we do.
Green Printing and getting loud are the best way we have of contributing to the health and well being of the planet and ourselves.

Thanks from Plan It Green Printing

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