We’re happy to print compostable labels made from plants not plastic for 5 Gyres.

The following is from the 5 Gyres website.  Please support them!

Most of the things we buy use disposable plastic:

“… packaging, cosmetics, straws- even fishing nets. Many plastics are designed to be used only once, leading to our landfills and beaches being awash in these single-use plastic.

We currently recover only 5-10% of the plastics we produce.

50% are buried in landfills and some are remade into durable goods, but much of it washes out to sea.”

5 Gyres uses a label made from plants

5 Gyres uses a label made from plants

Fish, turtles and even whales eat plastic objects, which can sicken or kill them. Ocean animals are also killed by dangerous plastic waste that entangles or traps them, often suffocating them underwater.

Small ocean animals, like fish, ingest tiny plastic particles. These toxic particles pass on to us when we eat seafood.

Hundreds of ocean species are threatened by plastic pollution, as well as the survival of the ocean itself. Humans depend on the ocean for food and as a healthy ecosystem that maintains the balance of the greenhouse gas CO2. …

Scientists agree: If the oceans die, we die.

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made from compostable stock for 5 gyres

made from compostable stock for 5 gyres

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