A few of Sweden’s artists band together to help the Environment

Jan Peter Bergkvist had us print these plantmade, compostable stickers for Performing Artists for the Environment.  Recognize the gentleman on the left?  That’s Georg/Joije Wadenius!  A few of his notable achievements is playing guitar in the band Blood, Sweat & Tears, Saturday Night Live band and Made in Sweden.   Swedish Artisterformiljon is Sweden’s artists and musicians joining together to fight for our planet.



World Centric avoids plastic stickers by choosing plant-made stickers manufactured in the USA.  Depending on the Composter they will compost in two to 16 weeks.  Unless it is recycled who knows how long a plastic sticker will be around for?  That’s why they’re smiling!


Instead of plastic World Centric chose plant-made stickers

Who knew hand applying plant-made compostable stickers could be so fun?

World Centric is a certified B Corporation that makes 100% compostable products for cafeterias, restaurants, coffee shops, and homes! They strives to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. World Centric donates 25% of their profits to grassroots organizations focused on social or environmental change.

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