Yes, printing ethically can be good, green and TASTY!

Printing on White Natureflex – a COMPOSTABLE Stock that can be composted in a typical ambient composter –  Try that with EarthFirstPLA!!!


Oh So Yummy and So Green


FloorTalkers. Thick and durable stickers made for use on the floor. This one was used for the Farm To School program through the Urban Environmental Policy Institute.
Tomatoes begging to be stepped on!

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Courtesy of Wikipedia:  The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent, nonprofit organization that has a seal environment for fish from sustainable fisheries awards. The aim is to improve the global overfishing of the oceans to reduce. By recognizing sustainable fishing practices, influencing consumer purchasing decisions of seafood and collaboration with partners will help the organization to transform into sustainable fisheries and fishing sectors.

Hurrah to Cal Dining for joining Marine Stewardship Council!

MSC was founded in 1997 by the Unilever Group, which up to 2006 include the brand Iglo belonged, and the environmental and conservation organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). MSC was founded in 1999 independent of Unilever and WWF. Today it is financed mainly by donations and royalties.

Environmental standard
The MSC has developed together with scientists, fisheries experts and other non-governmental guidelines for evaluation and award of fisheries. Meets the criteria of a fishery MSC’s environmental standards, they can be certified and have their products with the blue MSC eco-label mark. To assess whether sustainable fisheries within the meaning of the MSC, the following principles will serve as a benchmark:

Sustainability of fish stocks
, the overexploitation of fish stocks must be avoided. In other words, the fishing can only fish so much as once again “grows”. Result in over-fished stocks the fishery has been shown to restore the stocks.
Minimize the impact on the ecosystem
is not only the existence of the relevant species, but the entire ecosystem is considered for certification. That is, natural structure, have productivity, diversity and ecosystem functions and maintain the natural relationships between species, such as food chains must not be compromised.
Effective fisheries management system
Each certified fisheries to ensure that their institutional and operational standards are aligned on the sustainable use of resources and local, national and international laws and guidelines are adhered to. Systems must allow it to respond rapidly to changing conditions, such as inventory fluctuations.

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Stickers made from Wood Cellulose are compostable. Does it get more delicious than this???

WIC Labels Printed On Compostable Stock

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