You want a bumper, snowboard, beverage/bottle, container, concert sticker.  You want something strong and durable.  You choose to have it printed on vinyl, polypropylene/BOPP – bi-axially oriented polypropylene.   The problem is, UNLESS IT IS RECYCLED, that plastic will be going strong long after you are dead. The manufacture of temporary use items have got to be BENIGN BY DESIGN (unfortunately, I didn’t come up with that ‘benign by design,’ other, much smarter people did).  The deal is, plastic doesn’t just disappear, nope, it becomes a bigger problem somewhere else – like in the ocean where it joins other bits and pieces of plastic detritus.  Just like your toilet when it’s clogged and floating in circles, except that paper and… uh, you know, will break down in a short period of time, while that plastic will still be around long after you and I are gone. The alternatives to plastic are stocks made from Fiberstone, a new stock made from wood cellulose that is compostable in your typical backyard composter and Made Carbon Neutral, EarthfirstPLA which is made from plants like beets, corn, etc.

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Like to acknowledge the Print & Production Finishes for Sustainable Design by Edward Denison published by Rotovision 2009

Plan It Green Printing has many printed jobs in this book!
“Design, first and foremost, is concerned with solving problems, but from where we currently stand, at the beginning of a new millennium, we survey a landscape strewn with the detritus of outmoded human practices, aided by or facilitated through design, that have had a catastrophic effect on the world’s ecosystems.”

Edward Denison has written a beautiful book featuring ‘green’ printed media/packaging from around the world.  I’m thrilled Plan It Green Printing is featured in this book!

Seven of our jobs/clients have beautiful spreads in this green print resource book.

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