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Waves Not Plastic carrying their message to the world:


Compost these!

Made from plants not plastic



Our mission at Waves Not Plastic is to bring awareness to plastic pollution through passion!  This organization has been established for ocean enthusiasts like you to make a difference in communities around the world.  We strive to clean up our oceans and change the tide on how our world refuses, reuses, reduces, and recycles.  Make the pledge and refuse single-use plastic. Do what you love, take care of the environment and make a difference!

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Top 10 Sustainable & Forest Friendly Printers in North America.

Top 10 Sustainable & Forest Friendly Printers in North America.


Canopy Planet releases THE BLUELINE REPORT: 2015 Sustainable Assessments.

Plan It Green Printing Top 10 Ranked Sustainable & Forest Friendly Printers in North America

The ‘Blueline’ Check list for Printers:

Develop a leading Forest Conservation Policy with a credible environmental organization.

Report transparently on their sustainability actions, including measurable goals and progress towards achieving them

Ensure they are not sourcing paper from endangered forests or controversial sources.

Ensure they they are helping you meet your targets on recycled content and FSC certified fiber.

Engage their other customers in the development of sustainable printing policy requirements and educate their clients on ecopaper attributes.

Work with a credible ENGO such a Canopy to help stimulate the development of new ecopaper options, improve the on-the-ground practices of forestry companies and advance conservation legacies.


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Dissolvable Sticker labels made from wood-cellulose with a plant-starch adhesive.

Dissolvable Stickers

Dissolvable Stickers

Dissolvable sticker labels

Dissolvable sticker labels

Most stickers are not recycled. That beautiful yellow ‘Don’t be a Tosser!” sticker is made from plants. All those stickers will eventually fall off that rail and biodegrade on the ground. The plastic stickers will biodegrade into small polymers that are an environmental nightmare. The plant based sticker may take a long time to biodegrade, but when it does, it will compost. All those plastic stickers will not compost. They’ll biodegrade, but they won’t compost.

earthfriendly stickers

Our compostable sticker made from plants

SnowRider Foundation understands why plant stickers are better than plastic stickers

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