Most stickers are not recycled. That beautiful yellow ‘Don’t be a Tosser!” sticker is made from plants. All those stickers will eventually fall off that rail and biodegrade on the ground. The plastic stickers will biodegrade into small polymers that are an environmental nightmare. The plant based sticker may take a long time to biodegrade, but when it does, it will compost. All those plastic stickers will not compost. They’ll biodegrade, but they won’t compost.

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Our compostable sticker made from plants

SnowRider Foundation understands why plant stickers are better than plastic stickers

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made from plant cellulose, not plastic

Made from Plants and compostable

Vinyl stickers are made from polymers/petroleum oil and take hundreds if not thousands of years to break down and degrade.  Once they degrade, those microscopic polymers enter the food stream where animals, fish and birds inadvertently (i.e, ocean plankton) eat them – wreaking havoc either with their DNA or killing them since the polymers are undigestible.

Yes, no doubt, vinyl lasts much longer than normal stickers, especially if they are screen printing, but, SO WHAT – is a slightly longer lasting sticker worth the long-term damage our children and their children and children’s children will be forced to deal with.

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