Rob Tossberg CEO Plan It Green Printing

CEO Plan It Green Printing

As CEO of Plan It Green Printing, I am proud that our hard work maintaining a consistent brand and ethos, and upholding sustainable print practices, has kept my company in the top 10 of the 2016 #Blueline #Printer Ranking for North #American #Sustainable and #Forest Friendly Printers.

“The Blueline Report and Ranking has become a ‘go to’ resource for many large print customers looking to make the most sustainable choices…


The latest scores are in! The printing landscape in North America is shifting as a result of Canopy’s award-winning Blueline Report. Customers are finding the rankings an invaluable tool to track printer sustainability metrics. In response to the November, 2015 Blueline rankings and to customer demand, numerous printers have been working to improve their standing. The results are intriguing, with printers jumping up several spots, leaders holding strong and a few surprises. Please …follow the link to the latest Canopy printer rankings.”

-Canopy Planet