Why do compostable labels scratch more easily than plastic labels?

Our compostable labels are printed and then we apply a water-based varnish flood coat to them.  Plastic labels are printed and usually laminated with a clear coat.

Life changing Ice Cream in a compostable container with a compostable label

Life changing Ice Cream in a compostable container with a compostable label

There is no doubt the compostable labels scratch more easily than the plastic labels.  

Why is this?  

Because we’re concerned about the ability of the label to compost, we print the majority of small print runs (under 250-500,000) on our digital presses which print using toner ink – this means the toner ink on the labels isn’t as durable as if it was printed on a flexographic press using soy-based inks.  This aids the composting process but may be an issue regarding the durability of the art printed on the labels if they are excessively rubbed or scraped.

Your compostable packaging deserves a beautiful compostable sticker

These plastic looking containers and sandwich wrap are actually compostable! They deserve our beautiful compostable stickers to match.

Now, having said that, I think this a wonderful branding opportunity for business who want their customers to know what They’re doing.  The fact that the label is not as durable as plastic is precisely the point of using a compostable stock – it’s not meant to last forever, unlike a plastic sticker.  Most everybody understands, appreciates and chooses the compostable over plastic label.U.E._Packaging

The Surfrider Foundation adds text around their compostable labels which say something like this:  “This sticker is made from plants not plastic… Our message is timeless.  We just don’t think our stickers should be!”

Heal The Bay Compostable Stickers 082913

Are your clients are concerned about the packaging you’re using?  About it’s end-of-life scenario?  About the fact that it is or is not plastic?  Your packaging is telling a story about your company, as well as what’s inside.  Compostable labels can be a great part of that story.

Surfrider Compostable Corn back

“Hey!  I’m made from plants, toss me in the compost!”


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