Whole Foods Magazine Interview of Plan It Green Printing. October 2014

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While many may have a general idea of the benefits of sustainable product labels, it is important to be fully informed, particularly if they are on the edge of making the switch.  If you’d like to read the entire article the link is above.



We love coconut milk but we hate battling with coconuts for the tasty liquid.  This is  the‘‘Coco Jack” and it’s a new and effective way to open coconuts – without that pesky loss of fingers and smashed apendages!  This method is much faster and so much safer.


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For Evangeline Lilly’s first limited edition printing of her book, The Squickerwonkers, it was very important to print it with the earth in mind. Evangeline’s concern for the planet and desire for earth-friendly printing brought her to Plan It Green Printing. The paper had to be 100% post-consumer waste, Ancient Forest Friendly-Free certified by Canopy Planet, manufactured in the USA and printed with soy-based inks.

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