Made from plants, instead of plastic, these compostable labels for Orange County Great Park sell the message of sustainability as well as a nice GreenBranding Opportunity.


Plant sticker labels are compostable for the Orange County Great Park

Berkeley Food Program Practices Compostability

Plant Labels for Berkeley Compost Program

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“We are committed to working collaboratively with Stanford and others to address the challenges of Searsville Dam in a manner that benefits endangered species, watershed health, and improves flood protection.”
Matt Stoecker, chairman of the Beyond Searsville Dam Coalition

“Sooner or later Searsville Dam must come down, and the whole San Francisquito Creek watershed can be treated as the ecological treasure that it is.”
Pete McCloskey, former U.S. Congressman, coauthor of the Endangered Species Act, San Francisquito Creek watershed resident and Stanford University School of Law 1953 alumnus. Beyond Searsville Dam Advisory Council.

tear down the dam

plant stickers are compostable for Beyond Searsville Dam

These dissolvable labels are used for Cradle to Cradle Certification. They’re made from plant starch and will completely dissolve when exposed to running water.

made from plant starch, printed with soy-based inks, 100% compostable

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