Stickers made from plant cellulose. The Rise Above Plastics campaign seeks to limit the rampant use of plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic in the form of throw-a-ways. Why? Because plastic isn’t, for the most part, recycled. If all plastic was recycled then that would be great. But it isn’t. It usually ends up where it shouldn’t be – in oceans, side of the road, lying out in the environment where it breaks down. Breaks downs seems nice and tidy, but it isn’t it’s the beginning of this plastic breaking into very small, really tiny plastic pieces that get eaten up by small animals in the ocean – not ’cause they like it – nope, because it’s really small, like microscopic and it’s eaten by creatures eating planktion and other small LIVING things in the ocean and they accidentally ingest these small plastic pieces and then the nightmare begins. The plastic isn’t digestable, it doesn’t leave that small living creature. It stays in there and then it messes with the DNA of this organism, this living being and becomes an endocrine disruptor. Endocrine disruptor, a horror type word for messing with the DNA and the result, at least as far as our understanding of it goes, is these living organisms either a) is they become hermaphrodites, or develop extra sexual organs b) the plastic pieces fill up their stomach, they bloat, they can’t eat anything more and they die from starvation c) their progeny/offspring/babies are born with extra sexual organs, deformed, weak, unable to survive since this plastic affects the DNA and it’s gifted on down the DNA line.

Made from plant cellulose

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