The Blood helps humans and the banner biodegrades

Yes, I finally have made it in Hollywood… um, printing Bioflex banners for The Red Cross Bachelor Blood Drive with help from The Bachelor, that is.


it's all about the banner

Yeah they're beautiful, but check out that banner in the background!

I don’t know who the people are, probably The Bachelor and a couple of blood donating babes???

That banner is one beauty though, that’s for sure!  Printed on Bioflex.

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  • compostable stickers for Epicurean Group

    Let's eat!!!

    Epicurean Group makes lunch for schools up in Northern California.  Everything in the bag, including the bag and uh, the sticker printed by Plan It Green Printing, is compostable. We’re hoping for the day when Epicurean Group begins doing this for the  Los Angeles Unified School District!!!  From the Epicurean website:  As one of the very few authentically independent companies, we have the freedom to cultivate partnerships with local farmers and suppliers so that we can offer fresh foods to nourish the body and mind.


  • Printed stickers are compostable for the Epicurean Group




Coffee Labels on 100%pcw, FSC Certified & Made Carbon Neutral Paper

Cool labels, hot coffee!

Yup, the label is cool and their coffee is hot. Label is Made Carbon Neutral, FSC Certified and made with renewable energy

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